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Super sexy Staff Sergeant John is joined by hung sailor Griffin in this inter-branch military fuck fest. The sailor is


Okay! Stand at ease. Welcome to our base blog where you can get the low down on all the latest men in uniform!

We feature cocky cops, sexy soldiers, muscly marines, sweet sailors, luscious lifeguards, fit firemen and raunchy recruits!

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Inter Branch Military Fuck Fest

military studs sucking cock

Super sexy Staff Sergeant John is joined by hung sailor Griffin in this inter-branch military fuck fest. The sailor is nervous about his first gay sex experience. He's been on the ship with guys that he knows are gay. But he has never bothered to try fucking another guy.

The two are seated on the bed next to each other and start to watch some porn. They are talking about what's going on in the video. All the while John is checking out what's rising in Griffin's jeans. There is definitely something swelling down there and John is taking notice! He takes the first opportunity he gets to reach over and start to massage the sailor's cock through the denim. This military stud has definitely got more than a handful. Then the Sergeant pulls rank and orders the young sailor to grab his cock too. He unzips Griffin's jeans and pulls out all 9 inches of the young man's meat.

John bends over to get a better angle, so he can shove the entire cock down his throat. This military dude's cock isn't just long, it's thick, too! But it's no match for our marine's oral talents. He works his magic while the sailor enjoys the sensation and the video at the same time. Once Griffin's had a good marine blowjob, he decides to see if John knows how to take it like a man. He bends the marine over and fucks him doggy-style. John moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He takes every inch of the over-sized cock down to the base. The sailor's hairy butt is moving rhythmically as he slams John's hole.

Then Griffin lies back and jerks off to completion. John is there to receive the entire load on his cheek. When he cums, he coats John's face with stream after stream of thick white cock juice. Then he smugly looks down at the glazed donut he just created and laughs at his work. You can see this military studs Inter-Branch fuck fest here. Undoubtedly, you'll create another stream of white cock juice too!!



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